Kvedaras Vidmantas

Address: Užvalkių g. 5, Lančiūnava, Kėdainių r. LT-58433


Kaunas county 

Phone: +370 347 77030, +370 659 52845

E-mail: vidmantas@kvedaruukis.lt

URL address: www.kvedaruukis.lt

Vegetable area: 219,82 ha


NKP / Certified National Quality Product 

Selling for::

Local market and for export

Grower 's production:
Vegetable Packing Processing
Cabbage / White cabbage 10-30kg bags,  Big bags 
Potatoes 10-30kg bags,  Big bags 
Onions / Yellow onions 10-30kg bags,  Big bags 
Carrots 10-30kg bags,  Big bags 
Beets Big bags,  10-30kg bags 
Cucumbers 5-12 kg cardboard box 
Peeled, sliced and vacuumed vegetables

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